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How to Save on the Perfect DIY Scottish Wedding no matter the Budget: Your Dream Venue Awaits!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for couples seeking a DIY Scottish wedding that is both enchanting and budget-friendly. At the Harburn Barn, we believe that love should be celebrated without breaking the bank. Let us unveil how our venue can turn your dream wedding into a reality, whilst not wasting the pennies in your pocket. Get ready for money-saving tips and lighthearted inspiration!

  • Define Your Priorities: 0-5% of budget Start by identifying your wedding priorities and what truly matters to you as a couple when getting married at the Harburn Barn. From our beautiful mature gardens to our rustic charm, Harburn Barn offers a stunning backdrop that won't blow your budgets so allocating a small portion of your budget to details around the venue the focus on creating unforgettable memories is a great way to add value and personalise your day.

  • Guest Count: 10-20% of budget Embrace the beauty of an intimate celebration. Limit your guest list to those who truly matter, ensuring that every moment is shared with your closest family and friends. This saves on catering costs and creates a warm, intimate atmosphere that can only be found at the Harburn Barn. In your guest count budget think of things like favours, table flowers, seating, tables, candles etc anything expense that can be attributed to the guests to both practical and to add value. Please bear in mind at the Harburn Barn you have use of the whisky barrels, tables, chairs, PA system, fire pit, and many other items that come as part of the rental should you choose to use them.

  • Venue: 20-30% of budget Discover the hidden gem that is our rural yet centrally located wedding venue. Our enchanting space combines natural beauty and rustic elegance, making it the perfect canvas for your DIY wedding dreams. Save on extravagant venue fees without compromising on the magical ambiance that you desire and remember we offer reduced pricing during the week.

  • Catering: 20-30% Savor mouthwatering delights while staying within your budget. If aiming for the wow factor whilst watching the budget why not opt for buffet-style or family-style catering, which creates a relaxed and sociable dining experience. Our recommended caterers offer delicious options that won't break the bank, allowing you to feast and keep your guests from going hungry.

  • Wedding Attire: 5-10% of wedding budget Whether buying, renting or borrowing knowing your budget here against all other costs helps you decide on wha’s the options available to look like royalty on your special day. With the breathtaking surroundings and gardens at Harburn Barn, all eyes will be on you as you make your grand entrance.

  • Photographer and Videographer: 10-15% of wedding budget Capture priceless memories without splurging. Hire talented photography students or enthusiastic amateurs who are eager to build their portfolios. Their fresh perspective and passion will beautifully document every moment of your special day.

  • Entertainment: 5-10% of wedding budget Put your personal touch on the soundtrack of your love story. Create a DIY playlist to be played over our in-house Sonos system or invite musically gifted friends and family to perform. Dance the night away, knowing that your budget-friendly beats are a testament to your unique love story.

  • Wedding Planner or Coordinator: 5-10% of wedding budget If you feel the need get with the expert advice, you'll feel like a DIY wedding planning pro!

  • Decorations and Flowers: 5-10% of wedding budget Utilize foliage, wildflowers, and simple yet elegant touches that complement the picturesque surroundings at of our wedding venue and let nature be your budget-friendly decorator!

The above is just our helpful hints on how to manage a DIY wedding as we know how hard it can be to get your head around all that needs to be done but with a simple breakdown, it can be made just that little bit easier.

So, are you ready to embark on a DIY Scottish wedding adventure? Look no further than the Harburn Barn. We understand the importance of saving while creating unforgettable memories. With our stunning venue, budget friendly tips, and lighthearted inspiration, your dream wedding awaits. Make the magic happen, without breaking the bank!

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